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  • CageFS missing user

    I have recently created a user form WHM, but the user does not seem to be updated in CageFS, thus preventing me from using LVE. I have tried using the command
    'cagefsctl --enable $username'
    to rectify this issue, but I am getting an error message that reads 'Error: user ... does not exist'. Could you please advise me on how to fix this problem?
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    Hmm, that looks interesting.
    Please show the output of the following commands:
    cagefsctl --get-min-uid
    id tinhtp


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      Hi Click image for larger version

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      thank you for response‚Äč


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        And that is the reason. The minimum UID is set to 1000 while user has UID 500.

        If that is the CloudLinux 7 OS you can just change the min UID with:

        cagefsctl --set-min-uid 500
        For the CloudLinux 8 it's better to investigate why the user got UID 500. What control panel is used there?


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          Hello, I am currently using Cpanel version 106.0.15 and I am running Cloudlinux 8.


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            I followed your advice and it worked;
            initially, CageFS allowed only 15 users, but after I adjusted the UID to 500, it accepted all the users. The total number of users is now 30.
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            Thank you very much.!


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              Was that a regular user created from the cPanel? As per their documentation, the panel supposed to create user with UID starting from 1000 .

              Do you have other accounts there? Can you try creating a new one and check the UID for it?


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                Well, it's not supposed to be like that.
                The UID for your accounts should be higher than 1000 in cpanel and in cagefs. Better to revert the changes and investigate more.


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                  Hello, I have researched and read CPanel's instructions,
                  they mention the UID issue here:, so setting the UID to 500 is correct.
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                  Thank you for your advice.
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                    It is not. The section we have to look at:
                    The system also creates new account UIDs and GIDs with a number between 1000 and 60000.