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Install Imunify360 installed OWASP ModSecurity Vendor

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  • Install Imunify360 installed OWASP ModSecurity Vendor

    Hello, I tested IM360 on a second server last week and got some issues. When IM360 was installed OWASP mod_security rules where installed and activated and that caused a lot of issues for customers since we have Comodo WAF on all servers. I disabled it and removed OWASP inside WHM and that fixed the issue. I also see in WHM now: Home »Security Center »ModSecurity™ Tools »Hits ListDocumentation That Comodo WAF rules are listing and working fine now!

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    Generating report...
    Key: AGSSUKajNN0hg71rhR.b6eaf92d-5252-4154-8a0b-01c0ef74b294


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      Customers also told us they got to a catpcha site and that worked fine in Chrome. but not in other browsers.
      I will test this myself aswell.....


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        Hi Morten,

        We decided not to go with OWASP rules in future releases but switch to Comodo rule vendor due to higher false-positives rate with OWASP. You will not face this issue anymore for Imunify next release.

        Thank you for the feedback,
        Imunify developer


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          Ok, thats fine. But what caused this was Imunify activate or install and use OWASP when we are actually using CWAF. Alot use Comodo instead of OWASP, but we and I think most others use their cPanel plugin and not their vendor setup FYI if that has anything to do with your setup etc.]cPanel plugin documentation[/url]