Cloudlinux pushed an update out last week with a Bug which initially created a conflict between nginx and IM360 causing some websites to not load or fail intermittently.

This was easily fixed however there were subsequent problems which were severe.

The problems began on Wednesday at 3 AM (MST) and werent resolved until Friday morning after another overnight update.

Heres where I believe the failure was which primarily in lack of communication from Cloudlinux.

- After resolving nginx bug with solution provided by Plesk, some websites continued to fail completely.
- A CL tech suggested Wednesday morning that I install stable beta which was supposed to fix some bugs. It made the problem WORSE.
- The beta interface in Plesk failed.
- problems with some websites which required persistent login such as Moodle continued to fail 100%.
- I tried disabling IM360 from command line but this failed to stop IM360 which I would later discover.
- I would also later discover that disabling IM360 does not disable Proactive Defense
- Problems persisted through Thursday and we believed the problem was with nginx/php as this is where error logs point
- We have had Proactive Defense set to Log Only from the beginning because of too many false positives.
- Cloudlinux pushed though another update Thursday/Friday night which either disabled Proactive Defense or fixed bugs in Proactive Defense. Im not sure which as I had been awake for two days at this point.
- At this point, all the problems magically disappeared.
- I would learn Friday morning from one of your techs that Proactive Defense had a bug which could Block files even if set to Log Only

The last point is the worst because I might have been able to resolved these problems easily had I simply disabled Proactive Defense instead of spending two days trying to figure out why some websites werent working.

So here are my questions:

1. When did Cloudlinux know there was a bug in Proactive Defense which could cause it to block files even if set to Log Only?
2. Why did Cloudlinux not communicate with all IM360 clients immediately via email when it became known there was:
A: a bug which caused conflict with nginx?
B: a bug in Proactive Defense?

I get that mistakes are made. It happens to everyone and Im overall happy with IM360 and Cloudlinux but this cause me two sleepless days, a loss of reputation and a substantial financial loss.