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Imunify 360 not install on Plesk Obsidian

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    As I assured all that after learning that there was a solution to configure Imunify360 on my Debian 10 Plesk Server, when I leased a duplicate server, paid in advance for the next year I thought this would be an ideal time to setup again with Debian 10 and Plesk Web Pro ie.. Obsidian, and was determined to carefully follow the instructions that were provided to accomplish this feat, so I could enjoy the server configuration I wanted.
    Like so many before me, and surely after me, my following of instructions, were met with error responses adnausium, and after 3 solid hours of doing battle in ssh, I finally said the hell with it, deleted my server and loaded it back to centos 7 and Plesk Web Pro ie Obsidian and my 360 installed flawlessly.
    I messaged Cloud Linux back, thanking them for their assistance in this matter and reported that Id had no success in applying my interpretations of their instructions, Im not grandiose enough to blame the failed efforts on their instructions, but I am experienced enough to know that if I struggled with them, for as long as I have, and couldnt get past square one that 90% the other server admins are experiencing the near same outcomes.
    Why Imunify360 hasnt invested in the software coding upgrades that would make their product a 1st choice for server admins wanting to install Debian 10 OS on their servers is baffling to say the least. I did as Im sure a few thousand others have done and asked them to put me on a notification list if Imunify360 ever decide to release a compatible product, that wasnt such a pain in the arse to install.
    That or Debian releases a new OS and made modifications in their OS so that folks could go back to using it again, having been forced to chose between Imunify360 or not, and for me NOT was not an option. Imunify360 has been a godsend for myself, the job it does behind the scenes on my servers, by far surpasses any other like security suite in the industry and for a fraction of the cost.
    Ill retract my previous confident encouragements that others should boldly go where no man has gone before and attempt to make Imunify360 work on a Debian 10 Plesk server Best regards all.


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      Hi Rainer,

      The workaround for the error you specified is:

      echo "deb [URL][/URL] buster-backports main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/backports.list
      apt-get update


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        Do you know when imunify360 will be compatible with plesk on ubuntu 20.04?


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          Ubuntu 20.04 support will be added in Imunify360 beta ver 5.6 which is going to be released by the end of this week.


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            Hi Alexandre,
            great news, thank you! SInce KernalCare caused Problems on Debian 10 for me, I think Ill go back to Ubuntu. Great news that youll support 20.04 with Imunify 360 soon.

            Any news on Quickpatch? I really like it in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but it doesnt install (Plesk) for Ubuntu 20.04 oder Debian 10. Any ETA for Quickpatch for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS? Or integration of its functionality in imunify 360?

            I really like imunify 360, its great! Keep up the good work and thanks!


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              QuickPatch support for Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 10 will be added as part of internal task DEF-15973
              For CentOS 8 the task id is DEF-14815

              No ETA is available at this moment for these tasks.