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Issue with LVEManager & Speed%

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  • Issue with LVEManager & Speed%

    Weve been having really high CPU load on our server recently, so weve changed the LVEManager to have a Speed of 80%

    When this is done, a client of ours second website fails to load successfully.

    When we change the speed to 200% it loads without an issue.

    Is this normal or is there something we can look into that will lead us to the reason for this as I cant seem to find anything.

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    Obviously there is more need for CPU than specified of 80%

    Id recommend tracking down the process that is causing the high load. If this is a WordPress website you are dealing with, I suggest installing LiteSpeed webserver for better performance and at the same time lower resources consumption.

    If installing Litespeed is not an option, try to optimize the websites by installing cache plugin. This will certainly help you boost the performance and less Computing consumption.