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  • LVE with DSO

    Is there any known issues with LVE and using DSO as the php handler for a server? Im suddenly getting a lot of faults and I think it is due to 1 specific account, but Im getting notifications for other accounts, but when I check the access logs there isnt anything there that should have triggered the fault. And sometimes the snapshot isnt there for that account.

    If there is an issue, Im ok with it. I know DSO is pretty outdated. I just need to know.

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    But LVE does not work with DSO (if no RUID used).. It do not place users requests inside LVE at all. Read more and .


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      I have Apache suEXEC enabled. The first link seems to indicate it will work when this is enabled. And in the second link it lists a lot of yess for mod_php, is that the same as DSO?

      The Current Usage page in WHM does seem to accurately show what accounts are using resources. Are you saying that just cant be trusted?


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        Was there an update to LVE around jan 13th? After that point I suddenly started getting lots of LVE faults across multiple servers on a consisent basis.


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          Sorry for misinformation, as long as suexec enabled php in DSO mode is fully working and entering LVE. So, trust lveinfo and stats from WHM > LVE Manager. It really just need suexec enabled.

          There were just mod_lsapi update near Jan 13 . Suppose you do not use it. Better to create a ticket with us to check that faults.