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  • Problem with CL

    Hello :

    I have Any Power Server (32 Core + 64 G RAM) that hosted too many website that this server have many account that their site have a high visitor . this is big server with over 16000 connection on server .
    This server use Litespeed and Cloudlinux
    also our server reach to full load almost time.

    Our Problem :

    without CL control resource usage :
    all website loadtime good , even in server highload (over 50 - 80)
    all thing normal
    Process under processing in LS : 150 - 350
    but when server load fly over 80 , load time decrease a bit.

    but we need CL , when enable CL resource usage :
    Server load decrease under 50 (28 - 40)
    but too many process queue in litespeed to process
    Req in Processing in litespeed increase
    website speed too bad , and their EP reach to MAX , even when you increase their EP , again reach to Max.

    I open support ticket , but they can help me, their told me your server overload or under attack !
    I want use CL resource limit , but after enable this problem occurs.


    When we enable LVE limitation ,

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    You are best working with the support on this one. Feel free to ask them to escalate it to 3rd level.


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      Are you using normal hdd? During high load I/O get slow that reduces website speed.


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        I really appreciate your support in this blog. keep it up and doing such types of great work continually