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  • PHP Handler per account

    Just wondering, is it possible in the near future[br]to sel ect php handler with the same way as we select php version fr om selector? (or other way)[br][br]For example, virtualmin does it, and I can choose if I want mod_php, cgi or fcgi per domain/account.[br][br][br]Is (or "Will") something like this be possible ?

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    Why would we do something like that?
    1. mod_php is not safe for shared hosting
    2. I don think user should have a choice between suExec and mod_fcgid. I believe it should be up to provider.


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      I expressed it wrong I am sorry :-)

      Its not users decision, its doable from the admin panel (in virtualmin).
      (I said mod_php as example)

      I didnt meant that user may have option in this, I meant if as an admin can change specific
      users to another handler.


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        We will probably still not do it, as it is more of a control panel thing.
        Like Plesk can do it. Not sure about cPanel. As you have said -- Virtualmin can.
        We tend not to change apache configuration, especially on a per customer bases - as that has a chance to complete with control panels.

        Also, PHP Selector will not work with mod_php -- for everything else, PHP Selector should be fine, no matter if user runs PHP as suPHP, FCGID or CGI


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          For example, I got a server with 180+ accounts running with fastcgi but a few
          they die. Instakill. They just dont play.

          Second server, the same. 120 accounts, 2 of them dies. No obvious errors, just a:

          (104)Connection reset by peer: mod_fcgid: error reading data from FastCGI server
          [warn] [client] (104)Connection reset by peer: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function, referer:

          I tried messing around with fcgid settings, timeouts, idletimeout, processes, ProcessLifeTime, etc
          and still there are a bunch of sites, others very old software and others custom made, weird evil stuff
          that they refuse to work correct.

          So I gathered them to a server running suPHP.
          (And now I have peace on mind, anyway).

          With something like that I could just turn the 2-3-5 evil scripts that dont work to suPHP
          and not waste a server only for them.


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            I understand the issue, but php handler is managed by control panel, and we try to interfere as little as possible with control panels.