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Phpselector + litespeed new suexec + switch back to apache ?

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  • Phpselector + litespeed new suexec + switch back to apache ?


    In a couple of weeks we will be updating litespeed to 4.2.5 which should allow us to use phpselector.

    Will Cloudlinuxs PHPSelector work out of the box ? or should I wait for CloudLinux to test it with Litespeeds new suexec per acount deamon mode ?

    Currently with the native version of PHP, easy apache compiles its version then litespeed compiless its version based ton the easyapache version with lsphp support.

    If I switch back to Apache for cPanel support because there are two versions everything continues to work fine albeit a bit slower.

    If Im using phpselector with litespeed how will this work ?

    Does phpselector install two versions of PHP one for apache and the other for Apache ? Woud sites stop working for sites with a phpselector PHP version if I switched back to Apache ?

    Thanks !

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    People were using PHP Selector with LiteSpeed for ~4-5 months now.
    Few settings needs to be adjusted though:


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      It doesnt give me any information about the compatibility of switching back to apache without causing issues with PHP Selector.

      Im not sure how PHPSelctor manages the lsapi part as it wouldnt know if its being run by Apache or by litespeed…

      Also I would be using the new Suexec deamon per account mode and not the old CGI mode.


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        As you might have noticed -- there is not thing to do from CL side when you switch to LiteSpeed --> so there is no difference when you switch back -- nothing needs to be done.

        daemon per account mode does sound interesting.


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          Hello Igor, thats precisly what I dont understand.

          PHP has to be built with LSAPI and needs LSAPI to be updated for new features.

          For example litspeed 4.2.5 requires LSAPI 6.4 in order to detect 508 errors.

          When you build PHP from source you have to first download the latest version of LSAPI and replace PHPs old version of LSAPI before manually compiling with the --with-litespeed option.

          Because of this I dont see how its possible for it to work without a litespeed compatible version of PHP…



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            Hello again,

            If I understand correctly, based on litespeeds answer about this question group install alt-php installs both php rpms and lsphp rpms ?

            If this is the case I presume we just have to wait for an update to the alt-php packages to get the latest lsapi version ?


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              Just got my answer from your latest php-alt update announcement :

              updated LSAPI to 6.3, PEAR extensions, PECL extensions

              I guess Ill wait for an update with 6.4 before re-activating php-selector.