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cpu usage for lsphp process too high

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  • cpu usage for lsphp process too high

    Hi Guys,

    Looking forward for your help. i have some problem with one of our server.

    16 CPU
    32GB RAM

    We have disabled csf and optimum cache in the server, but still we can see the utilization for lsphp process is high sometime 100%. so far i can see, my server can only handle up to 100 connections only. if more then that, the web access become slow as cpu idle process goes to 0%. Please advise, how to troubleshoot this.


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    after did some troubleshooting and server reboot. the utilization become normal again, however, we notice when we enable csf, web access become slow. and sometime, the utilization become higher. temporarily we disable csf and seems like the webserver perform very well. looking forward how to enable back csf. but scare if it affect web performance again.


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      Well, its really strange, we had no reports that csf could cause such performance issues, especially for lsapi. We would like to investigate this on your server, please create a support ticket at


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        Hi Faizal,

        How many iptables rules/blocked ips are you having? Iptables is not good for more than a couple of hundred blocked IPs.



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          I also saw high CPU usage when there were ~4K rules in iptables.


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            im not sure how much currently as i disabled csf. i just notice that when csf is enabled, access speed to the website become slower. will open a support case.



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              You should consider using ipset for larger blocklists instead of iptables. CSF is working great with ipset and I have ~40K IPs blocked without any significant performance impact.