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  • PHP 5.6.29

    PHP 5.6.29 released?

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    Any plans to update PHP 5.6 to 5.6.29? That was released December 8th.

    PHP 7.0.14 was also released on December 8th. Any plans to update to it?

    Have I missed these updates?


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      Or perhaps Im using the wrong PHP.

      Perhaps Im still using alt-php instead of the new ea-php?

      How do you switch to ea-php from alt-php? Ive done the EA4 conversion.


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        It looks like alt-php56 - - never made it out of the testing repository. Is that by design? Or has this just been an oversight by someone?

        Is nobody else using alt-php? Has nobody else noticed this?

        Am I missing something some where?


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          We have just released to stable php 5.6-29 and 7.0.14 : .

          Switching alt-php to ea-php is not trivial and was never automated. All should be done manually from users cpanel.


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            I guess Im having trouble wrapping my head around all of this.

            alt-php is CloudLinuxs PHP, correct? It was available back with EasyApache3. It is still available with EasyApache4, correct? It also falls under the realm of PHP Selector

            ea-php is cPanels PHP. It is only available in EasyApache4. It falls under the realm of MultiPHP.

            CloudLinux releases their own ea-php packages. Correct? Im assuming these are based heavily on cPanels ea-php but are patched with certain CloudLInux attributes. The CloudLinux ea-php packages supersede cPanels ea-php packages. Its not possible to install cPanels ea-php packages on a CloudLinux system. Is all of this correct?

            I was of the understanding that a server needed to either use alt-php (PHP Selector) OR ea-php (MultiPHP) not both.

            Im not seeing where ea-php can be selected in the users cPanel. But perhaps Im missing something.

            The only way I seem to be able to use ea-php for a user is if I disable their CageFS. Is that correct?

            Is alt-php going to continue to be updated? Or is CloudLinux moving everything over to their ea-php system? If alt-php is going to be discontinued, then it would seem that I am missing some way of having ea-php in use WITH CageFS.

            Im just trying to figure out how all of this works. Im sure Im overthinking it a bit some where. But Im having trouble connecting the dots.


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              You can have both selectors enabled and available in cPanel. Our is called Select PHP Version while cpanels is MultiPHP Manager.

              Our PHP Selector works only with alt-php* packages. Their MultiPHP Manager works only with ea-php* packages. Buth selectors works with CageFS enabled. However, please review explanation how it goes with different scenarious:

              If you do not see MultiPHP Manager - most probably it is disabled with WHM > Packages > Feature Manager . Or you just do not have different versions of ea-php packages installed.

              The idea of Hardened PHP is that we will support alt-php packages for as long as someone needs them. There are no EOL even on PHP4.4 from Hardened PHP.


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                Ill have to look at the ea-php system under CageFS in more detail later. I was not able to get it working when I tried it earlier this morning, although I didnt spend a lot of time on it.

                Its really not as much of an issue, as long as alt-php is going to continue to be updated. Was the delay of alt-php 5.6.29 reaching production from testing of about a month, was that just an oversight?

                As long as you will continue to release alt-php versions of PHP 5.6, PHP 7.0, and PHP 7.1 then this shouldnt be an issue, Ill just continue to use alt-php.

                I thought that perhaps you had stopped developing in-life PHP packages for alt-php and perhaps moved to ea-php for this.


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                  That alt-php-5.6.29 is surely just an oversight. There are no plans to stop releasing alt-php , you are safe to use them.