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Some Questions about CloudLinux and cPanel

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  • iseletsk
    I would recommend finding a host that has CloudLinux. This way you will get PHP you need, and you wouldnt have to manage the server (which is a pain).

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    Most of the things are done from GUI , just some install steps needed to be done from console. Overall procedure is pretty simple. We are ready to help if you face some issues, just create support ticket with us.

    Even if you are not sure how to install things we can do it for you for free.

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  • eposta
    started a topic Some Questions about CloudLinux and cPanel

    Some Questions about CloudLinux and cPanel


    I have a Managed Server for a few years now. My Host disabled PHP 5.2 which i still need for a Project.
    I surfed around and found CloudLinux/cPanel which has HardenedPHP and PHPSelector.
    So it would be THE Solution for still using PHP 5.2 AND PHP 7 and both SAFE.

    I did never managed my Server by my own i always had Managed Service.
    So i am not very used to Linux and Webserver management.

    My Questions:
    Do i only have to buy and install CloudLinux and cPanel and configure everything in the GUIs?
    I want to have a Websever, PHP 5.2 and 7 such als MYSQL and FTP.

    How complex will it be to install and setup this?
    Hope you can help.