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Ability to set PHP Selector php-alt default php.ini settings permenantly ?

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  • Ability to set PHP Selector php-alt default php.ini settings permenantly ?


    Does the latest PHP Selector new stable release allow us to set default php.ini options so that they are not lost when php-alt versions are upd ated ?

    I want to change (increase) the default max execution time, the max memory usage, the max upload size etc. for all clients. I want them to match the native php.ini se ttings.

    If so what files should I edit to do this ?

    Should I edit :



    Create a new file in /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.d.all/

    like for instance /opt/alt/php53/etc/php.d.all/mydefaults.ini


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    This files can be regenerated. Support for custom php.ini will be available in CageFS 4.1, due by the end of this year.


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      A member of your support team told me the next beta version would include the ability to set php.ini default settings and that the next beta should be in a few weeks.

      Knowing how fast CloudLinux is at getting new features implemented I was hopeing that this stable release already had this ability.

      Do you have any suggestions about how to get around this limitation while waiting for the new version ?

      Should I add php* to my yum.conf exclude line and run php-alt updates manually so I can check the php.ini files contain the right settings ?


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        I am sorry -- if you want to change it for everyone -- you can do it now.
        Individual customer php.ini files cannot be changed at this moment.

        See more details here:

        under: Individual PHP.ini files section


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          Will these files be regenerated on php-alt updates ? Or will they stay put ?


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            the files you will create will not be overwritten.


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              What about the /etc/cl.php.d/alt-phpXX/alt_php.ini files ? Will they be overwritten or sould I only create files in /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.d.all/ ?


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                Sorry if my question wasnt clear because of a wrong path…

                The default php.ini files seem to be located here :


                If I add a file named mydefaults.ini to /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.d.all/

                And add the following settings to it :

                memory_limit = 512M
                max_execution_time = 180
                max_input_time = 220
                upload_max_filesize = 512M

                These settings already exist in /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.ini

                Will it cause any problems having these settings in both php.ini and php.d.all/ mydefaults.ini ? Or should I edit directy /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.ini ?

                In which cas will this file be remplaced on the next php-alt update ?


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                  Hello Richard!

                  I am sorry for wrong answer in support system.

                  Our php.ini files (/opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.ini) are never being replaced on upd ate of alt-php packages.
                  You can edit these files directly in order to add or change some se ttings.
                  After changing of php.ini you do not need to execute "cagefsctl --update" in order to apply changes to CageFS.
                  Changes are applied at once (right after the change).

                  ini files for modules apc, eaccelerator, xcache are never being replaced on update of the alt-php package too.
                  You can edit these files here:

                  You should execute
                  cagefsctl --rebuild-alt-php-ini
                  in order to apply changes to all users in CageFS