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  • CRIU features and settings


    I have installed CRIU on one server for testing and as your developers found there was a bug, and you will fix it in next release. Great :-)

    Im wondering why the folders are created like this:
    drwx------ 2 nobody nobody 1200 Mar 13 20:44 lsapi_application-x-httpd-ea-php70_1004_!testing5.domain.tld_criu_imgs
    srwxr-xr-x 1 nobody nobody 0 Mar 14 00:39 lsapi_application-x-httpd-ea-php70_1004_testing5.domain.tld.sock

    Why not start with the virtual host instead of "lsapi_application-x-httpd-ea-php70" ?
    It will be easier to find it in /var/run/mod_lsapi/ if that is needed.

    Is it also possible to only turn on CRIU on selected accounts or is all hosts active when its enabled?

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    I also wonder how much disk space will this use for each account? Have only tested this on a new server with 2 WP installations with minimal content and that takes around 25MB of space.

    This space will not count towards customers limit?


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      I have created a request to change names so virtualhost will go first, I also suppose it will be easier to list that directory. Most probably will be released in a next update.

      As of now CRIU is activated for all accounts that use PHP56 or PHP70 . There is no way to enable it just for some domains.