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How to track fMems and fEPs

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  • How to track fMems and fEPs

    Its very useful if we can track the fMems and fEps with more detail,
    For example if we could listen to an event by our own code and it would case our code to be executed every time an error 500 occurs because of lake of EP or memory with details like path of php file ,time it happens and resources which was not available.
    Does CloudLinux support such requirement?

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    I am not sure it makes sense to create such events on memory faults. Some apps can generate tens of thousands of them in a second.
    Either way -- sending event from kernel to user space -- doesn sound like a good idea.

    If you want to react "immediately", just create a script that checks /proc/lve/list once a second, and acts once counter gets incremented.