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CageFS question (running on cpanel)

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  • iseletsk
    Yes, it makes perfect sense. We plan to add it into upcp in the future version.

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  • sinys85
    started a topic CageFS question (running on cpanel)

    CageFS question (running on cpanel)

    cPanel checks for updates everyday. Usually when there are any updates
    it also applies them.
    I also check every couple of days for CL updates with yum.

    Many times I change configuration files based on log entries and statistics
    (php.ini my.cnf and so on).

    So (the question), except the IO issue (on every update), should be wise a cagefsctl -update in a cron
    every 24/48/x hours on a system which has all users in cagefs?

    Based on specific servers which we do change things a lot.
    Or you don recommend for any x y z issues ?
    (please elaborate the issues if any thank you :-) )