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Errors with RVsitebuilder login page - CageFS

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  • Errors with RVsitebuilder login page - CageFS


    We have cagefs and if customers try to use a login page with RVsitebuilder it gives the error below:

    [Mon Jun 23 16:00:48.905619 2014] [core:error] [pid 32673:tid 140239890786048] [client :56073] End of script output before headers: rvsindex.php, referer: http://domain/Client-Login.php

    I found the following post which saved me and I just removed customer from cagefs and all working fine. Anyway to have both cagefs and rvsitebulder login.

    Might look simple but can change permissions as rvsitebuilder autoupdates and users republish each time

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    i would also like to know if this can be solved on the cagefs end since rvsitebuilder wont fix it there..., there are other rvsitebuilder/cagefs issues too, should i post here or start a new thread? so basically those users have to be removed from the cage and now they are no longer protected....


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      Please, submit a ticket - with access/test account, and instructions on how to replicate the issue --> and we will try to resolve it.


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        To upd ate this post it was resolved by disabling securelinks in sysctl.cnf

        # sysctl -a | grep fs.enforce_symlinksifowner

        fs.enforce_symlinksifowner = 1

        To disable SecureLinks feature, se t fs.enforce_symlinksifowner = 0:

        # sysctl -w fs.enforce_symlinksifowner=0