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PHP options wont change after updating global.php and php.conf

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  • PHP options wont change after updating global.php and php.conf

    PHP options wont change.

    Hi I have done the following...

    Copied a new defaults.cfg, global.php and php.conf file into /etc/cl.selector

    Then I ran...

    /usr/bin/selectorctl --apply-global-php-ini
    cagefsctl --rebuild-alt-php-ini
    cagefsctl --setup-cl-selector

    Customer then tells me upload_max_filesize has defaulted to 2MB, even though I set this in global.php and php.conf. I looked in cpanel and sure enough, none of his configurable options were set to the ones I configured. They can be changed, but are defaulting to a basic php.ini that should have been updated by my changes.

    What did I do wrong?

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    Hello Chris,

    Could you please create support ticket with us.

    We would like to check this problem more closely.


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      Please make sure you have CageFS installed and enabled and the users are inside CageFS. Also, check if you have PHP installed from Cloudlinux repos. You can check that with:

      rpm -qa | grep php

      Good luck.


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        I just enabled PHP 5.2 for a client via lve manager in cpanel and it didnt pick up any of the settings from php.conf. When I login to the users cpanel and go to change the PHP options, all the standard php.ini defaults are set rather than the ones I have added to the config files.

        Before I open a support ticket, is there something Im missing? Shouldnt the default php.ini for any version I enable be automatically overridden by the settings in global.php and php.conf?

        Do I need to do anything else when enabling a new version to force these changes?


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          Hard to say what could be wrong. Really we would better like to check the issue in place.

          After running "selectorctl --apply-global-php-ini" all /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.ini should be updated with those custom values from your global.


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            It was entirely my fault. One of the directives was mis-spelled.

            This caused none of the changes to be implemented - but also didnt produce any error. Would be useful for the script to produce some output if the --apply-global-php-ini function fails.


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              The apply-global does not validate php directives, and PHP also, it just skip it.