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  • PHP-FPM & PHP Selector

    It says in the Compatibility Matrix that PHP-FPM & PHP Selector are incompatible.

    Does that mean that if I am running Apache/suEXEC/FastCGI/PHP-FPM as the main, FPM will run accounts both inside and outside CageFS, and PHP Selector cant be installed on this system?

    Or can I run Apache/suEXEC/FastCGI/PHP-FPM for non CageFS accounts and the PHP Selector inside and for CageFS accounts?

    now that Ive spelled it out, I think I answered my own question... but clarify please?

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    I don kow if you even can run FastCGI + PHP-FPM at the same time. They are two competing technologies.

    I am sorry -- but I cannot get what you are asking.


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      my question for you is not whether i can run PHP-FPM & FastCGI (mod_fastcgi, not FCGID), I can. Im simply using the sockets communication method of mod_fastcgi instead of port method used by mod_proxy_fcgi.

      the question was can I run Apache/PHP-FPM for non CageFS accounts and the PHP Selector inside and for CageFS accounts?

      I guess I dont understand specifically what the incompatibility is between PHP-FPM & PHP Selector mentioned in the Compatibility Matrix means.


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        Im assuming that since the compatibility matrix says PHP-FPM and CageFS are compatible, that PHP-FPM will run fine for both accounts inside and outside CageFS. Correct?

        can I run Apache/mod_fasfcgi/PHP-FPM for non CageFS accounts and the PHP Selector inside and for CageFS accounts? Or, does the compatibility matrix indicate that I cant run the PHP Selector on a machine running Apache/mod_fasfcgi/PHP-FPM at all?


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          PHP-FPM is not compatible with PHP Selector
          mod_fcgid (fastcgi) is compatible with PHP Selector.


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            thank you, that is what I read on the compatibility matrix. But what does that mean? can you please elaborate to the questions I have asked?


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              I am sorry -- but it means exactly what it says.
              You cannot run PHP Selector when using PHP-FPM. It doesn matter if you run with or without CageFS.


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                Youll have to excuse me for the insistence of clarification, this page of your documentation seems to indicate a different relationship:
                https://<a href="http://docs.cloudli...n_php.html</a>
                A relationship in which there may be conditions where PHP-FPM and PHP Selector are compatible. This is, of course, your baby. Im just trying to understand.

                The PHP Selector documentation says you are planning to support it in the future. Any idea when that future may be?


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                  Igor - Id be interested as well - any scope as to when php-fpm might be compatible with php-selector? Weve got a problem where running mod_fcgid with apache2.2 causes php processes to get killed without finishing the task on a graceful restart of apache ( - changing to php-fpm would be of high interest for us


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                    We have no plans to support PHP-FPM for php-selector. It requires restarting of end user php daemons, which I really hate.
                    All our future work will be toward mod_lsapi --> which is already faster & more stable then php-fpm.


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                      Hi Igor,

                      Thanks for your reply - Ive tested and Im really happy with the results, especially lsapi_terminate_backends_on_exit off in my case

                      Any ETA on lsapi going stable?


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                        Probably - Oct 1st.


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                          > We have no plans to support PHP-FPM for php-selector

                          Maybe update this article in case others read it:

                          PHP Selector is currently not compatible with PHP-FPM, though we are planning to support it in the future


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                            Just in case -- we no longer planning to support PHP-FPM with PHP selector in the future. Instead we recommend everyone to start switching to mod_lsapi. PHP-FPM creates too many issues.


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                              also might want to update the article referenced above mentioning PHP-FPM