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Cookie gets added to my site

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  • Cookie gets added to my site

    I am having that wired issue where a cookie named wschkid (web server check ID?) gets added to my site.
    I am on a shared hosting ChemiCloud that uses CloudLinux and Imunify360. My site is earthstoirez com.

    I use ClaudFlare free, here is where it gets interesting, if i bypass cloud flare the cookie disappears.

    Some treads in the net suspect imunify360 as the issue.

    I am happy for every suggestion.

    Thank you,


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    Hi Kocjs,

    It was confirmed with the developers that `wschkid` is related to Webshield and there is nothing to worry about. In case SplashScreen has been successfully passed, the trusted cookie is expected to be set.


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      alevchenko thank you.

      Could you please specify what do you mean with Webshield. Also i would like to know how I can remove the cookie "wschkid" form our site, we want to make our website cookie free.


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        alevchenko I have researched the "wschkid"issue further. Many sites list the cookie in their cookie policy, however most of them do not set the cookie. It appears that only sites that use CloudFlare as CND are affected form the foreign cookie.

        Also, you state "In case SplashScreen has been successfully passed, the trusted cookie is expected to be set." why does that only happen if I use CloudFlare and not if I bypass it?


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          alevchenko i have set up a new website with the same hoster, no "wschkid" cookie there, with and without cloudflare!. Why does the cookie not appear on this site, if it is expected to be set? You folks at Imunify360 do not seem to care to much about the end customer of your products, unfortunately.


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            alevchenko After a long and painful process we where able to get rid of the cookie "wschkid".
            I turns out that for some reason the domain was whitelisted in imunity360 and
            that added the cookie as foreseen by the developers. Unfortunately imunity360 did
            not help a lot to solve the issue, ass seen in this forum too. I had to set up a new
            website and proof that their claims are not true. it remains only to hope that they
            know how their software works.


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              Webshield is a feature that handles the HTTP traffic to prevent attacks and restrict access for suspicious users.
              You can find more details at

              The "wschkid" cookie is added when the Splash Screen is successfully passed – intis an Anti-bot feature handled by Webshield. You can try to disable the Anti-bot protection feature to avoid adding the cookie in question: