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[Opinion Requested] Most crucial server files to backup

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  • [Opinion Requested] Most crucial server files to backup


    After reading Imunify360's latest blogpost, we got ourselves into an internal discussion about disaster recovery. In such cases we always end up with the question "what can we do better?" and this is where i'd like to kindly request your opinion.

    In terms of WHM and CloudLinux OS, which files and folders do you consider the most crucial that must be available for restoration in a disaster scenario? In your reply consider as granted that snapshots and image backups are a necessity which is available.

    If you would be so kind, would you also be able to address why you consider these files as crucial?

    Really looking forward to read your opinion!

    Thank you

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    In regards to backups, we would recommend considering the backup frequency and the way backups are stored. If you are concerned about the backup integrity and safety – local backups/remote storing can help as redundant way. Also, the more granular your backups – the better it is for their insurance. Snapshots are at best daily; it depends on how much free space you have where backups are stored.

    From the CloudLinux OS prospective, basic packages and a kernel are crucial only.

    Frankly speaking, there is no unambiguous answer to this and the best way here is to back up absolutely everything and the above ones are rather most common recommendations.

    To get more specific instructions, I'd recommend addressing this to the cPanel team as they could definitely explain what it the most crucial for them and for your concerns and demands specifically.​


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      Thank you for replying. I did address it through cPanel's forums and got many replies. They just weren't what i expected.

      I was looking for a new fast and easy way to return from disaster recoveries and to my surprise, even to larger organizations, there is no such thing.

      Thinking it again from CloudLinux and Imunify360 perspective, is there any way to export their configuration so that i have those files backed up?


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        Sure, we have the following guides for both that may be handy: