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Can I uninstall CSF when imuify360 is installed?

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  • Can I uninstall CSF when imuify360 is installed?


    I was reading about the integration of csf in imunify360, but for me it sounds like its better to have only one firewall installed. But Im not able to find basic features like port configuration in the imunify360 firewall. Where can I specify which ports should be closed/open? Or is CSF needed for this?

    Actually I only use a small part of the CSF features. All the alarming functions are disabled. We are using it mostly just to close ports.


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    What we are trying to do is to stop you from doing manual work. For now, it means that we dont have port level configuration that is not automated (we do blog some ports for some IPs for short periods of times when we detect the attack)
    And this is why we created integration with CSF -- so people who want to have more hands on control -- could continue doing that.
    In the long term, we might have similar functionality -- but this is not what we are working on right now. We are stopping automated attacks, bad IPs, malware -- things that you cannot stop by closing down ports, as they attack ports that you need to keep open for your clients -- like HTTP(s), IMAP, SSH, FTP, etc...

    Just to summarize: No issues using two firewalls, as they will not conflict, and will act in different capacities, and they will both firewall things on the level of iptables.