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vdserver scan ?

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  • vdserver scan ?

    Did you drop maldet / clam scanning ?

    I found it weird when I tried to clean up an infected server and i see a vdserver/scan running.
    The weird is its speed.

    For the same folder (whole /home) .
    CXS did it in 8 hours
    cxs Scan on atlas (Hits:17056) (Viruses:6978) (Fingerprints:429)
    TimeStamp: Sat, 29 Jul 2017 12:27:51 +0300
    Email report / ended at : 29-Jul-17 8:31 PM

    Imunify still running

    root 535857 96.8 2.4 1490332 797800 ? SNsl Jul29 1635:12 /usr/local/vdserver/scan --json --threads 1 --configfile /usr/local/vdserver/config.json @/tmp/tmphaneykr4

    For the last ~24+ hours and public_html only and it didnt finished
    Status: Running With Parameters
    Folder: /home*/*/public_html
    a day ago

    Ill also try maldet with the same /home/*/public_html when vdscan finish. Eventually.

    Will update with findings, false positives or which of 3 (imunify/maldet/cxs) found the most infections/backdoors on this infected system.
    It should be handy for benchmarking.

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    > Did you drop maldet / clam scanning ?

    We are dropping maldet in the next beta release (~7.08).

    But clamav still be using.
    Currently, imunify360 under the hood is using three different vendors of scan for the better false negative rate. The scan for each vendor run sequentially step by step. Thats why its worked slowly than CXS.

    In Q3 we are planning to improve the performance of scan.

    imunify360 dev team