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delete ip range from imunify360 graylist

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  • delete ip range from imunify360 graylist


    Is there a way to delete a range of IPs from the Imunify360 graylist? For example, I want to unblock all IPs from the range I searched for the range of IPs by not entering the last octet of the IP, like so:

    [root@server01 csf]# imunify360-agent graylist ip list --by-abuser-ip 192.168.5.
    IP             TTL      COUNTRY  1071182  NA  1209984  NA  958323   NA  1210757  NA
    I noticed that imunify agent does understand multiple arguments, like so:

    > imunify360-agent graylist ip delete

    Besides having to make a workaround using multiple commands of "imunify360-agent graylist ip delete", giving multiple arguments to one command or some other bash iteration, is there a way to unblock an IP range specified by me?

    Thank you.

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    Theres no built-in tools to perform bulk operations with Imunify360 lists as of the current version.

    However, this can be done by issuing:
    cat graylist.ips | xargs | imunify360-agent graylist ip delete

    Given you have a list of IPs to remove in graylist.ips file (you may use awk utility to build it)