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CloudLinux Backup (Acronis) vs JetBackup 5 vs ... ?

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  • CloudLinux Backup (Acronis) vs JetBackup 5 vs ... ?


    I am a Bare Metal Dedicated Servers user (no virtualization) on Soft RAID1 Drives and currently, I use cPanel compressed account backups (each 48h) with transportation to Amazon S3…

    Of course, I want to improve this configuration and set more backups.

    I was looking for very easy to use set & forget disaster recovery solution, with a graphic interface that my 7-month-old son can use :-)

    I first read about JetBackup 5…

    The stable version will be released soon, with the possibility to send Incremental Backups to S3 Buckets :

    With JetBackup 5, I guess, the cost of storage would be very cheap on Amazon S3, especially for incremental backups. About 0.023 per GB if I am not wrong ?

    But what I understand about JetBackup 5 is that… in case of disaster / server failure, the way to restore the whole server is to
    - first reinstall a proper cPanel installed with JetBackup on it
    - and then, restore the whole server through the Jetbackup Disaster Recovery Wizard

    Then, its not a "snapshot" solution ? But, more a "cPanel setting & accounts" restoration ?

    Very interesting anyway!

    In a second time…

    By googling "cloudlinux + backup" expecting to find a post in this very nice forum, I found out this sale page : (which I did not know before !! :-o )

    I am a customer of ImunifyAV+ for all my CloudLinux servers but I never go for Imunify360 yet, so I was not aware of this amazing Acronis CloudLinux Backup offer…

    - its a pity because it looks like "a must" for hosting resellers who want to "outsource" the most technical actions that they can.

    - also it is definitely interesting for me as I am someone very worry about backups and most of all, restoration delay in case of emergency / server failure at night time, from Friday to Saturday
    (who enjoys working under pressure front of customers complaining for a server down? ^_^)

    I am surprised that CloudLinux Backup, based on Acronis technology, is a little bit hidden under Imunify360 (I do not see many links here on,, to promote CloudLinux Backup…).

    The price of CloudLinux also is actually fair for a very reliable server snapshot with 7/7 support if needed :
    - Imunify360 Licence : 35$/month for 250 cPanel accounts (discounted at 14$ for bulk pricing/from 5 servers+)
    - 600 Gb of backup storage at 0,08$ per Gb : ~ 48$/month for me
    it cost around 82$ ~ 62$/month per server to feel relaxed and supported in case of disaster.

    My questions are…

    - Is that offer already 100% stable as it seems, its not yet widely advertised ?
    ( I only found the first release notice in 2018 : )

    - Is CloudLinux suit my needs (you think?) and will help me to restore a full server snapshot in case of a very critical server failure ?

    - Can this solution fully replace my cPanel backups on Amazon S3 or it would also be smart to use JetBackup 5 in addition to CloudLinux Backup (because we never have too much backup, right? :-) )

    - Can you tell me about other alternatives than Acronis and JetBackup+S3 to make snapshots of physical servers without virtualization ?

    Thanks for your opinion and feedback.

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    Hi Nicolas,

    Answering your questions:

    1) yes, CloudLinux Backup (Acronis-based) is a working solution, yes, it is stable. Imunify360 is a requirement to use CL Backup.
    2) it can be used for a full system backup using CL Backup. In case of system failure you just reinstall cPanel, Imunify360 and connect to your account to restore the system
    3) the solution can replace your existing ones. It is powerful enough - it can do directory, volume or full system cloud-based backup. I wouldnt use it together with JetBackup because both products may be using similar FS locking mechanisms/interfere with each other.
    4) there used to be R1Soft solution also, but I havent tried it myself so dont have any detailed info about it.


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      Thank you so much Alexandre for these precious informations ! It is always valuable to meet you here.

      So. I cant wait to implement CloudLinux when I have time to update my packages, and I will be happy to share a full feedback from my use of CloudLinux Backup here later.

      I really suggest to Imunify & CloudLinux Team to more promote this must-use service. Its a shame that I missed it, while I am a backup addict ^_^