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criu, lsapi with connection pools or both?

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  • criu, lsapi with connection pools or both?

    For dropping CPU usage and response time do you recommend
    enabling criu or connection pools (lsapi_with_connection_pool) ?

    Does both enabled work too? Since the pool from what I understand it stays there in memory, is criu not recommended with pool on ?

    Digging around I found information what they do, how they do it but no where what to use/recommend in various situations and/or benchmarks. Someone can provide information please ?

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    It is recommended to use either CRIU or lsapi_with_connection_pool mode. Both are accelerating technologies aimed to increase mod_lsapi performance.

    With pool_mode enabled, mod_lsapi maintains persistent connections with backend which drastically increases performance (accelerates requests processing), but also increases the number of processes in LVE as well memory usage.

    CRIU is faster and uses less memory. But it is in Beta so far and available for CL7 only (stable version will appear in the near future).

    If you require assistance in CRIU or lsapi_with_connection_pool configuration, please submit a support ticket:


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      Have tried CRIU for a while, but doesnt see any performance gain actually.
      Do you still recommend CRIU before lsapi_with_connection_pool?