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Is it possible for a user to detect having hit an LVE limit?

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  • Is it possible for a user to detect having hit an LVE limit?

    Original question asked at Detecting exhaustion of resource allowance from within CloudLinux LVE? ( before being allowed access to this forum. In summary: Are LVE constrained users able to call some function in /opt/liblve/ to, or by any other reasonably costly mean, determine having stepped over a limit?

    Since posting the above, I've found what seemed to be an authoritative answer in 2018 in process limit exceeded - how to monitor within user account stating (emphasis added by me):

    > End-users can check LVE usage statistics only via control panel interface. Unfortunately, lvetop and lveps commands are not available inside CageFS.

    Would that be correct and still being the case? (REST API access might have been added since, but is clearly still way too expensive.)

    If so, there is the even older question of Running script whenever user hits resources limits. Is the answer to that one too also still no?

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    Hmm, interesting question. In what scenario the end-users would need to access this information from the command line? Yes, the same is still correct - endusers have to use the "Resource usage" in their cPanel interface with some nice charts and marks on faults.

    Even if no CageFS is used the /proc filesystem is virtualized as well, allowing only 'safe' system files to be viewed.

    If you are a hoster and want to allow viewing something in /proc/ to a single trusted user then the easiest way is to add this user to clsupergid group.

    An alternate solution could be to write some custom script with suid permissions that will run lveinfo utility under the root user and pass the 'id' parameter to it.

    I believe that old forum thread was related to root.