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mod_lsapi still working when not enabled?

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  • mod_lsapi still working when not enabled?

    Im trying to learn all this stuff because the guys who were managing our servers were bozos. So bear with me. Pretty much everything Ive done so far has been pretty easy to set up and works great.

    Heres the setup Im going for:
    CloudLinux 6.8 x64
    cPanel 58
    PHP 7.0
    PHP handler mod_lsapi
    MariaDB 10

    As far as I can tell I have everything set up and working. But there are two issues.

    1) I have mod_lsapi installed but not enabled globally or per site. Yet it seems like its sort of working. The reason I think that is because phpinfo() reports it as FastCGI but having php_values in htaccess doesnt cause a 500 error. When I enable globally, phpinfo reports as LiteSpeed V6.10 however the configuration paths change from the ones alt-php uses. So its kind of confusing and I was hoping someone could shed some light on whats happening?

    2) We have another server (well call it server 4) that I didnt set up. The server Im working on (server 5), is supposed to be set up identically... which I think Ive accomplished. To test I put the same site on both servers. The site on server 4 loads about 3 times faster than on server 5, but the specs on server 5 are way better. Also this is the only account on server 5. Im wondering if this is somehow related to issue 1?

    The only differences between server 4 and 5 that I know for sure are:
    - s4 has mariadb 5.5 and s5 has mariadb 10

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    Just for clarity, are you running EasyApache 3 or EasyApache 4?



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      If you enable mod_lsapi globally and see Litespeed 6.10 reported in phpinfo for all sites, then global mod_lsapi is working

      If you do not see Litespeed 6.10 reported as server API, then that site is absolutely not using mod_lsapi.

      If you werent using global mod_lsapi but instead were configuring per-site, you would still see Litespeed 6.10 as Server API on any site in which you enabled mod_lsapi, if it was working correctly.

      When mod_lsapi is enabled (meaning, when you see Server API: Litespeed 6.10), then (assuming you are using EasyApache 3), if you see /opt/alt/php## paths in phpinfo you are running one of CLs PHP Selector versions of PHP. If you see standard PHP paths (but server reports Litespeed 6.10), then youd be running the "native" PHP version in CLs PHP selector, which equates to the version of PHP you compiled with EasyApache 3.



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        About the loading time difference, do you use same CloudLinux on both servers? What are the LVE limits for the user? Be sure limits are same on both servers.


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          EasyApache3 Both servers
          CloudLinux 6.8 Both servers
          LVE limits same for both servers (defaults - at least this is what LVE manager reports)

          Mike what you said about the paths and stuff is what I initially assumed. But it confused the heck out of me that php_flags didnt break sites when FastCGI was reported. How can this be if Im not using mod_lsapi?

          I intend to the CL selectors php7.0 and both servers show the path /opt/alt/php70/ however right now they both show CGI/FastCGI. I am able to switch back and forth between LiteSpeed and FastCGI but doing so doesnt make any noticeable speed difference on either server. S4 is always much faster than S5. Im debating between global or per user. It seems like per user is more flexible. Is there any downside?


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            Ryan, please create a support ticket at so we can find the core of the issue.


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              Strangely enough all of a sudden one day both servers started working at expected speeds. I cant for the life of me figure out why. So no issues here.

              One recommendation I have to is to add some documentation about how just having mod_lsapi installed but not enable will still cause changes in the servers behavior. The one I notice is the php_flag and php_values in htaccess. It doesnt cause an error, but they also dont work. Which might confuse the heck out of people (like me). Im curious is there are any other things like this?