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    LVE extension for a package does appear in our test environment. So please submit a ticket to our support team, we will check the issue in place.


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      I dont give third party access to my servers. I need you to answer this question...

      Will the package limits still work? I set them in the LVE manager.

      I dont care so much if they are not in the packages in WHM as long as the limits actually work.


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        You guys are not good at supporting your product.

        So after some digging around I worked out that under /var/cpanel/packages is a subdirectory "extensions" and the LVE extension binaries are located here normally.

        On new servers, these binaries are not included. Youll need to work out why this doesnt happen. I have built four new servers this week with cpanel on CL7 and none of them have these extensions.

        I copied the extensions from another server into that folder and it is now working correctly. This is all I needed to do. You could easily have explained that to me.

        I think you have a good product. I like Cloudlinux - but you are not good at providing support. This was a simple fix that you could easily have told me about - but I had to dig around and find it for myself.


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          Thank you for your feedback, but usually we provide support via ticket system (zendesk). We are collecting basic info about your setup via cldoctor script, and then trying to reproduce the issue in our test servers, and requesting the access to your environment only if the issue can not be reproduced.

          Please do not hesitate to contact our support if you face any issue.