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ioncube not included in php.ini files

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  • ioncube not included in php.ini files

    It is my understanding that when choosing the ioncube or ioncube_4 extensions in LVE manager for a particular PHP version, the entry from opt/alt/phpx/etc/http://php.d.all/ioncube_loader.ini or ioncube_loader_4.ini should be added to the php.ini file for that version, thus enabling ioncube for that version. (no idea why the forum added "http://" there)

    I have a server where I have selected the ioncube versions for each of the PHP versions I have enabled, yet there are no ioncube entries in any of the ini files and subsequently ioncube is not loaded for any of them.

    I have run cagefsctl --rebuild-alt-php-ini but this did not resolve the issue. Why wouldnt the ioncube loader entries be added to each php.ini file accordingly?

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    Please submit a ticket to, our techs will check the issue in place.


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      This is definitely not working. I have to add the ioncube entry manually.

      I dont give third party access to my servers. Can you not offer any advice?


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        Hello Chris,

        We havent received such reports recently, it must be something specific to your setup. We need to know basic information about your configuration to debug the issue, so please submit a ticket to, we will try to help without having the access.