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LVE Website overload - high pMEM, iops

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  • LVE Website overload - high pMEM, iops


    Since yesterday I get most resources consumed on one website, high physical memory, high number of iops . No matter how I increase these in LVE Manager, the load goes up and the resources are exhausted. There was the Out of memory (OOM) error in the logs, we removed the oom killer, but now the site gets the 500 Internal Server error, when resources are finished. At times, I can see in Apache Status many pages loading this website from different ips.

    What can I try to figure out what cause this and keep the website running properly?

    I uploaded a screenshot with this account stats for today.

    Thank you,

    P.S. I contacted my dedicated hosting support and they temporary activated DDOS protection for this site, but it seems the traffic is still coming through. It is more like a Slow Loris attack.

    I thought maybe there are some Cloud Linux tools/commands to narrow down my search.

    P.P.S. I opened a ticket with your Support, Ill close this entry here. Thanks.