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LveManager Panelless fails to start with "No module named aiohttp_jinja2" error

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  • LveManager Panelless fails to start with "No module named aiohttp_jinja2" error

    Hi folks, Ive got a head-scratcher here ... Ive done a fresh install at DigitalOcean from an image of CloudLinux7.9 (yes, Ive booted the right kernel and verified using uname). On top of that, Ive installed a little open source CP called CyberPanel (which is really quite cool - you should check it out). Im trying to start the lvemanager service, but keep getting the following error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named aiohttp_jinja2 Yes, Ive installed aiohttp-jinja2 using pip ... no it doesnt matter whether I use --user or not (error happens both ways) One thing that concerns me - whenever I run cldetect --check-license, it tells me "No valid license found" - even though checking using the tool at returns a valid license just fine (license was activated when I booted the image and is not an IP-based license ... it IS a trial license though). Im out of ideas, and thought you fine folks might be able to come up with a few. Any help greatly appreciated and will receive a hearty thumbs-up emoji (if I can find one here)

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    Hi Darren,

    First, make sure the system is registered by running:

    yum install rhn-setup --enablerepo=cloudlinux-base
    /usr/sbin/rhnreg_ks --activationkey=<activation key>
    cldetect --check-license
    If the previous returns no errors, run:

    yum install alt-python37-devel
    yum reinstall lvemanager


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      Hi Alexandre,

      Thanks for getting back to me.

      As stated, rhn-setup is installed, my activation key has been registered using `rhnreg_ks` and the server is displayed under my control panel at When I use the license check at, it returns a valid license message - but when I use the `cldetect --check-license` command-line function, it returns the error "No valid license found". Ive re-run the registration I several times, and `cldetect` still returns an invalid license error.

      After `reinstall lvemanager`, Im still getting the ModuleNotFoundError: No module named aiohttp_jinja2 error.


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        Weve removed the server from your trial key just to exclude licensing issues, so please register the system once again. If the issue persists, do not hesitate to submit a ticket on


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          just install all python requirements)

          pip3 install -r /usr/share/l.v.e-manager/panelless-version/daemon/requirements.txt