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Reform of file_uploads in php.ini

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  • Reform of file_uploads in php.ini


    Even if we use CXS to protect websites, it is not sufficientsometimes, many hackers succeeded to take control over websites by injecting a pyramid of files which are not detected as exploit or virus, but rather these were efficient php scripts which we truly traveling in the site files until it got to sensitive datas.
    We saw that dozens of times this year, and it is true that some modules/templates with exploits had facilitated the job of the hacker...

    mail, sendmail are now forbidden on our servers, this is also an incredible spam expoit, and deprecated totally...

    file_uploads is a security disease on which PHP community has never made efforts to reform itselves, may be cloudlinux will take over the challenge...

    We suggest :
    existing file_uploads = OFF all the time
    adding a second file_uploads_sess by ex, which can override orignal file_uploads, and which would be ON by default of course : file_uploads_sess = ON

    Conditions are authentication, only those who are authenticated successfully could send a file (only these need to be able to do that, begining by the webmaster to create his products in his shops or a blogger post his articles + pictures) :
    - webmaster through admin website
    - a user forum or client of website also for support by example : he can send a screenshot
    - for contact form without authentication : we could introduce a secondary acceptable condition : captcha

    Thanks for attention,

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    You are saying right things here, however, we are not developing php and not adding any own features to it. We just implement existing builds/patches for it.. If the feature will exist by some extension - sure we will include it.

    Suppose you have to say the same on . That is the right place for such feature.


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      Don have a clue how to open a thread there :
      PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that powers everything from your blog to the most popular websites in the world.


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        Suppose the right way is to create a bugreport about it however use Feature as a type at .

        Or, use a "General user list" from their mailing lists:


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          Done, these guys are unreachable !


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            They answered :

            This is a feature request. Besides that its not clear to me
            how PHP should check the authorization, introducing a new ini
            option would require the RFC process[1], so Im suspending this
            request until someone cares to propose a respective RFC.


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              That is what I was talking about.. Coding a new features is done by and their policies. But overall yes, looks like they are unreachable.

              Sorry, but we can not help from our side.