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How to use private networks per user with CloudLinux ?

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  • How to use private networks per user with CloudLinux ?

    Is there a way to use per user private networks on CloudLinux 7 ?

    We would really like to provide private instances of Redis, Elastic search, Beanstalkd, Mattermost and are looking into implementing it ourselves.

    Our first step is to get per user instance of Redis working.

    To do this were thinking about simply running a cron that checks for files on a users account every 5 minutes. For example


    We would create a cPanel plugin to manage the content of that file. Then when the cron detects a change to that file we would spawn a docker instance connected to that users IP and preferably run it in the users LVE.

    If we were to get this to work for redis, the same could be done for elastic search and other tools that can run in a docker based image.

    Does this seem possible at the moment ? If so, how would be create / get a private internal IP per user ?

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    Unfortunately, CloudLinux does not have such feature.

    You can make a feature request on