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  • LVE statistics UI improvements

    Id like to suggest some UI improvements to the Cpanel LVE Manager: 1. better separation of columns on table, maybe highlighting the "Faults" column with a different background color, as its what most people look for. 2. highlight faults in red when > 0. 3. sort from big -> small first when clicking on column label, then change to small -> big when clicking it a second time. As it is right now, when I want to change column that sorts the table, I click on the desired column label and the smaller values appear first (usually 0s), so I have to click on it a second time to list the bigger values (users with the most faults, averages, etc). 4. memorize the last chosen timeframe, as I always have to change the default 10 minute one to 1 to 4 hours, which I find more useful (or change the default to 1-4 hours).