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How best to share my resources across accounts?

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  • How best to share my resources across accounts?

    I have a server with 12 cores and 24GB of RAM, shared across 14 cPanel accounts.

    Until two days ago, I had set almost all users to 200% Speed and 6G of PMEM, with minor changes to what the rest of the columns default to, here and there. (see screenshot below).

    All of my installations are built on WP, and some of those are Woocommerce stores also. Almost all of my installations are experiencing slow loading times, and I made a guess that perhaps setting everything to 6G of PMEM and 200% Speed, I was practically making my installations competing against each other for system resources. With that thought in mind, and testing thoroughly for errors and what not, I reconfigured all the accounts, giving them enough resources to run without getting worse or throwing errors, and the current settings are these:

    Image 2022-01-14-112045-1056x887-scrot in CloudLinux album

    I have a couple of zombie installations which sit silently there and dont do much, but need to exist, so to those I have allocated 250M PMEM and 10% Speed. I did that because I wanted to make sure that adding up the Speed values and the PMEM values I would not exceed the actual CPU and RAM of my server. I did so with the hope that it would offload the server and overall benefit my accounts. At least until this time I have not seen any errors thrown or Endusers hitting limits on the CL dashboard, so that should be good.

    But I need to ask, what is the best approach for making sure that all of my users get the most out of CloudLinux in terms of security, performance, and stability?

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    Hello, thank you for your reply! Please contact our support team they will be happy to check your case in detail & help.


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      Hi Maria,

      I issued a support request from withing the cPanel making use of CloudLinux Doctor option also.