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  • cPanel plugin

    Beta of cPanel plugin was just released:

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    Looks great ! Will this plugin be part of the cloudlinux package or will we pay an extra for it ?


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      This plugin is included in CLN subscription, so there is no extra fees for it.
      It is not in production repository, and you should be able to install it.

      We are going to release beta version of another cPanel plugin on Monday (this one for end users)

      I would like to get some feedback on how we present CPU usage.
      The problem is that I don want to show user that he is using 5% CPU out of 25% CPU that is his limit. It will be a problem when customer is on 8 core or 16 core systems -- where they are limited by 5% to 10% of CPU resources.

      So, right now I set 100% to be the total amount of CPU customer can use (his limit), and calculate usage accordingly.
      It doesn feel perfect.

      One other option that I don like too much: I can set 100% at 1 CORE, and display usage/limit relative to that.
      If someone has other suggestions -- please.

      We are going to expand this two plugins a bit more in the coming weeks, once we attach our stats to rrdtool, and collect historical information. Once that is done -- it should become more useful to everyone. Yet, even now, I hope this is a step forward.


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        The WHM plugin looks useful, but we doubt we will ever install the end user cpanel plugin as we believe most clients will not use it or understand it.


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          I installed the end user plugin via the instructions here:

          However, the extra stats aren showing in my user cpanel accounts. We
          e using a slightly restyled version of the "Black Ice" cpanel style for user accounts. Could that be why?


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            Yes, this is most likely the reason. See
            /usr/share/lve/cpanelplugin/ for patch files that we use to patch original cPanel skin.
            Most likely you will need to patch yours manually.


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              Hello, Igor
              Could you please help me..
              we have installed trial version of CL at one of our servers, and want to use LVE module for our users..we installed it and it shows in users stats in x3 theme but in the max allowed concurrent connection is showing 0 in x3 and empty in x2 theme..

              for x3
              Concurrent Connections 0 / 0

              for x2
              Concurrent Connections 0 /

              could you please help me?
              we have 30 in the lve settings in whm for max allowed concurent connections
              we have following package
              Package lve-cpanel-plugin-0.1-4.el5.cloudlinux.noarch already installed and latest version


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                Could you check that:

                You are running LVE kernel (uname -r should show kernel name with lve in the name)
                lvetop shows some output.

                lve-stats package is installed and running.
                To do that:
                rpm -qa lve-stats
                ps auxw|grep lvestats

                If package is installed, but not running, start it up by
                /etc/init.d/lvestats start

                It should take a minute for data to appear.

                If it is running -- I will need access to the server (not sure if I can figure it out remotely) to understand what is going on.


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                  uname -r
                  rpm -qa lve-stats

                  ps auxw|grep lvestats
                  root 14735 0.0 0.0 61204 744 pts/0 S+ 11:53 0:00 grep lvestats

                  /etc/init.d/lvestats start
                  Starting lvestats: X [ OK ]
                  root@integra [/usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/rvblue/rvbranding]# Traceback (most recent call last):
                  File "/usr/sbin/lvestats-server", line 283, in ?
                  File "/usr/sbin/lvestats-server", line 274, in main
                  lveRefreshThread = LVERefresh()
                  File "/usr/sbin/lvestats-server", line 174, in __init__
                  self.old = parseLVEList()
                  File "/usr/sbin/lvestats-server", line 126, in parseLVEList
                  return parseLVEUsage(stats)
                  File "/usr/sbin/lvestats-server", line 104, in parseLVEUsage
                  lines = open(/proc/lve/usage,
                  IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: /proc/lve/usage

                  looks like no lve core.. am i right?

                  thanks for promt reply


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                    Yes, strange kernel, I don understand where it came from.
                    Could you give output of
                    rpm -qa |grep kernel

                    Also, is it inside of VZ container? Our kernel always has lve in its name (at least for the past 6 month). Maybe it is very old kernel?
                    Our kernel should also be version: 2.6.18-294... not 264.., so what every you are running as kernel looks very old.


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                      rpm -qa |grep kernel
                      no it is not in VZ..
                      for me it looks like not the right kernel is loaded and that;s the problem..


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                        very old kernel package (back from Apr 2010)
                        do: yum install kernel
                        You should get kernel-2.6.18-294.26.1.el5.lve0.7.45

                        If you don get this kernel, make sure you are registered with cln:
                        # rhn_check
                        should return without any error message, or anything at all

                        And check that yum.conf doesn have kernel excluded.


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                          simple reboot did the trick
                          uname -r

                          thanks a lot for your help and assistance