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  • Memory limits

    Hey guys,

    Couple of questions with Cloud Linux.

    On the server I have this installed, there is about 300 cPanel accounts, server is 4 cores and 4gb of ram.

    The CPU limit is 15% and things perform quite well, the memory limit however has been set at 256mb. Im not sure if Im understanding the difference between Cloud Linux limiting the virtual memory rather than physical memory - is 256mb too low? Even basic wordpress installations are having issues so I am thinking of trying 512mb limit but not sure if this will be a bad move - any advice?

    I guess my question is if an account is hitting the 256mb memory limit with just basic wordpress, something isn right - how much physical memory is actually used by this?

    The other thing, is there any way to get information on what is causing the memory limit to get hit? /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log shows the php script hitting the limit for a user, but its just usually index.php because everything is filtered through it, is there anything that can be done for troubleshooting where the memory is being allocated?