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LVE - diangose of memory usage

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  • LVE - diangose of memory usage

    CentOS + CloudLinux + cPanel (php works as suPHP):

    user has usage of memory about 1,1-1,5 GB

    How to find out which processes/script makes a biggest memosy usage ?
    User say he hase only 3-4 instances of joomla ...


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    Hey Wojtek,

    You can check the Apache error log to see specific scripts triggering the memory limit which may be useful in detecting a root cause - it could be a random content management system plug in for example.


    Just grep the log file for the cPanel username and youll see "(12)Cannot allocate memory: couldn create child proces" in the messages where scripts hit the limit. The one there the most would be causing the most trouble.

    It will probably point you to index.php which is not very useful because content management systems tend to funnel most of their scripts through this.

    You can also use the following to check for active processes run as a user.

    ps aux | grep username

    Alternatively you can use lveps -p or lvetop to get an idea of real time useage.