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  • asking for idea about cloud technology feed

    Dear All,

    Below is my fully specification of my server:

    CPU 3.30GHz Core 4, Thread 8
    RAM 32GB
    Cloud Linux + Cpanel
    Apache + php fcgi + Eaccelerator

    Default Cloud configuration

    CPU 25%
    nCPU 1
    vmem 1024MB
    pmem 1024MB
    EP 20
    nPROC 20
    I/O Limit 1024KB/s

    can all of you help me to estimate
    how many client could I host on this server.

    due Im new with cloud linux technology.

    Best Regards,

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    25% is of the total CPU ressources.

    Youve got 8 x 3.3GHz theads how much CPU to you want to allow each user ?

    the nCPU is how many threads each user can use, so youre actually limiting your users to 1CPU and not 25% (100% / 8 = 12.5%)
    Some hosts set the limit around 1Ghz others 2 or more… Id try setting your CPU limits between 6 and 8%

    The number of sites you will be able to host will depend on how much ressources each site uses.

    The answer is anything between 100 and 1000 sites…


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      Hello Richard Hordern,

      currently, I use default of clould linux which had been set, and just increase I/O limit to 5120KBps.

      thanks for reply me Richard,


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        I was just saying that if you set ncpu to 1 then 12.5% CPU is the maximum you will be able to use and not 25% in order to use 25% you need to set ncpu to 2

        The default setting of 25% is for smaller servers then yours.


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          sorry that is confusing for me how to use cpu percentage.


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            Yes, its not easy to understand at first

            At the moment 100% is all of your CPUs added together

            In the future 100% will be 1 CPU

            For the moment you have to decide how much CPU you want to allow each site to use (1CPU, 1/2CPU…) and then work out the percentage based on how many cores you have got.

            If you want to allow 1/2 a CPU

            You have got 8 CPUs

            8 CPUs => 100%
            1 CPU => 100/8 = 12.5%
            0.5CPU => 6.25%

            You can only use 1% intervals so currently you would either choose 6% or 7%

            In the future you will be able to choose 50% for half a CPU. It should make things a bit easier and it will make things more accurate when we have many CPUs on a server.

            Another example, if for a site you want to allow 2CPUs you would set :

            Percentage : 25 %
            nCPU : 2

            If you want to allow 30% of total CPU you would have to set :

            Percentage : 30 %
            nCPU : 3

            This is because 2CPUs represent 25% so to give access to the remaining 5% you would need to give access to a third CPU.


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              Hello Richard Hordern,

              very thanks your so much for your detail explain.

              Best Regards,


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                hello Richard, could you give me detail when it is 100 sites and when it will be 1000 sites? sorry for dummy question.