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question about installing php-selector and native php

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  • question about installing php-selector and native php

    I have simple question about installing php-selector[br][br]1. If I have now 5.3.x version of php compilled from easyapache and install php-selector - will be my compiled version available for customers near the versions form php-selector (shown as "native" ?[br][br]2. If I recompile once again php from easyapache will it broke php selector settings or not ?[br][br]3. WIll I have my version of 5.3.x and the 5.3.x from selector ?[br][br]Please confirm this questions before I install php-selector. I would not breake running server [br][br]Wojciech

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    1. Yes, native version goes separetely, your customers will be able to choose
    ative or any one from php-selector

    2. php-selector packages contains all needed files to work separately from easyapache, after recompilation they will works same as before. Even more - if easyapache compilation fails on some step the alternate PHP will works

    3. Yes, you will have one native version 5.3 , and another one 5.3 from php-selector (with different modules etc.)

    Installing php-selector is safe process, it will not break running server. You may install, try it and use or do not.