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PHP Selector - Is it possible for customer to use custom php.ini file?

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  • PHP Selector - Is it possible for customer to use custom php.ini file?


    We often have customers who need to use custom php.ini commands. Is this possible with PHP Selector?

    For example, they want to change "date.timezone" value.


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      Thanks Igor. I have added ability for customers to set the date.timezone value with this in the "/etc/cl.selector/php.conf" file.

      Directive = date.timezone
      Type	= value
      Comment   = The default timezone used by all date/time functions.  A list of supported timezone values can be found here:
      1. Is it possible you can add this to stock PHP Selector code so we dont have to manually add this to every server ourselves? With PHP 5.4, I think more people will get this warning/error since now it is required to have a non-null value.

      2. I noticed that the customer can create their own php.ini file in the website account root folder, and it will used by PHP. Is this by design? Does it mean that the PHP Selector hp.ini UI is just to have a nice UI to modify common php.ini settings? In other words, if customer wants to modify php.ini settings for their accounts, can they do it using BOTH methods? (Using PHP Selector php.ini edit UI or using a php.ini file they create themselves?)

      I just want to make sure I understand exactly how this works, since the documentation makes no mention that a customer-created php.ini file is also possible...