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LU-43: add ability to specify IOPS since lve-utils 1.4-7

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  • LU-43: add ability to specify IOPS since lve-utils 1.4-7

    I remember i saw this here

    Im using 1.4-18, I try to search the docs how to set that

    Search results for: iops No results found.

    Westerday got problem with abusing customer on my hdd service hitting my raid with over 2000 iops with low io speed (stupid wordpress plugin) and it was unpleasant experience

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    Nobody knows, Ill send ticket to support then


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      Sadly, that seems to be the best way to get answers. That is unfortunate, because if the problems were addressed in the forums, then others could benefit from the answers.

      - Scott


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        The version that supports IOPS was released just friday to beta

        It requires to reboot to a new kernel.


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          Thanks Igor, but Im not sure that beta is ok for my production. I use Kernel Care to update my kernel... but Ill install it on another server to test it upcoming week


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            This are fairly large scale new features - we don know yet if we will make them available via KernelCare.
            I hope this new kernel will go into produciton within next 2 weeks.


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              Today I got issues again so i remove Kernel Care (Still Plan to use it but when this kernel become available) and install the updates... seems they work ok... I applyed to all LVEs defensive limit of 80 iops ... Im wondering if I switch MySQL governor fr om abuser to all will iops lim it then apply to mysql processes