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Trying out mod_lsapi

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  • Trying out mod_lsapi

    So far, the installation is smooth, no errors at this point. I see lsphp processes spawning. I do have some problems though.

    1. Ive enabled mod_lsapi on a single domain for testing, as this is on a production server. It uses the alt_php config. How can I enable it to use the native one by default? Is --build-native-lsphp for that one?

    2. Do I need to add this directive to all domains when enabled globally? AddType application/x-httpd-lsphp .php5 .php4 .php .php3 .php2 .phtml

    3. Is there a way to check which domains have mod_lsapi enabled.

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    ---- please delte ----


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      1. Our mod_lsapi always use own php binary but not native one from server. Yes --build-native-lsphp will take config options from server native PHP and build lsphp binary similar way, so that is what you need.

      2. If mod_lsapi is enabled globally similar directive will be added to global apache config, as a result all domains will have it enabled.

      3. There is no easy way to check which domains have mod_lsapi enabled. But the easiest way is to check which domains has lsphp in their .htaccess files. Like this way:

      grep lsphp /home/*/public_html/.htaccess
      Or more complicated command which search for .htaccess files so will work for additional domains and subdomains, however it will cause high disk usage:

      find /home -name ".htaccess" | xargs grep "lsphp"


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        Ive enabled lsapi globally but its increasing CPU load compared to regular suphp.

        Average 1 sec - 15 min load is within 1.3 to 1.5
        IF with suPHP its - 0.2 to 0.5

        I also notice that lsapi increased high committed memory. Im not sure if opcache affected this as I had it enabled.

        Heres my config for lsapi:

        lsapi_backend_connect_timeout 3600
        lsapi_backend_connect_tries 10
        lsapi_backend_children 20
        lsapi_backend_pgrp_max_idle 30
        lsapi_backend_max_process_time 300
        lsapi_debug Off


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          Where are those settings for lsapi edited?


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            Steve, those lsapi settings are in /usr/local/apache/conf/conf.d/lsapi.conf file.

            iso99, it should not be like that, we are sure mod_lsapi is not the issue, but would like to investigate. Could you please create a support ticket so we could help?


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              I think it was one site causing the issue, it seems to went back to normal now.

              Sorry, false alarm.