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mod_lsapi and PHP Selector

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  • mod_lsapi and PHP Selector

    Simple question I dont seem to see a direct answer to...

    Should I be able to have the server setup so that a new cPanel account can go to PHP Selector, select the PHP version they want, select the extensions they want, and run with the lsapi without manually adding AddType or SetHandler to the .htaccess file?

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    Your customers are not supposed to control if they would mod_lsapi or not. You do that as system administrator.

    If you have mod_lsapi enabled globally with switch_mod_lsapi --enable-global then all domains will use mod_lsapi.

    Otherwise you enable it per domains (that model will place directives into .htaccess) like:

    switch_mod_lsapi --enable-domain
    switch_mod_lsapi --enable-domain


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      That really didnt answer the question. I dont care if the user can change between CGI/FastCGI or LiteSpeed.

      The question is can the users choose the PHP version and extensions using the PHP Selector with mod_lsapi enabled? Very, very simply, does CL mod_lsapi work with the PHP Selector?

      If so, is it enabling it globally that gets me there?

      I ask because I have tried the per domain, and PHP Selector doesnt work with that. It only installs the CL Native PHP 5.6 version with static extension.


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        Sure it does. Mod_lsapi works perfectly with PHP Selector. No matter if globally enabled or enabled per domain.

        If it is not working on your server - something is not configured properly. Better to create support ticket at .