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    I just had EasyApache 4 upgraded from 3 by my data center and I am experiencing some hangs and load issues that were not present prior to the upgrade. I was wondering if there is something I can run to ensure it was done properly and that there are no issues between EasyApache 4 and CloudLinux?

    Prior to the upgrade, my sites were running fine with the versions of PHP I had configured in CloudLinux. After the update, I found a number of them that failed for various reasons and the solutions have been all over the place to get them working. I just want to make sure my data center did not miss something.

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    Unfortunately there is no tools to perform integrity check after conversion. Can you please specify what keys has been used for covert script?

    We would like to help youidentifying th issue. Could you please create support ticket and provide an access and some examples to move forward?