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MPMs: Worker vs Event ... and building with CloudLinux EasyApache profiles

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  • MPMs: Worker vs Event ... and building with CloudLinux EasyApache profiles

    So, Ill preface this question with my CloudLinux/Linux knowledge level. Its kind of how I describe most of my clients... "Typically knows enough to get the job done, but also enough to be dangerous." With that being said, I realize that I dont know it all and am constantly learning. ...usually from research and then from trial and error. Im not going to take anything personally. Id love some insight from the pros out there on these questions.

    From the research that Ive done, it sounds as though MPM_Event can handle more threads than MPM_Worker. If that is the case, why is it that Worker is compiled within the CL Profiles vs Event? And secondly, why dont really see much reference to Event within the CL docs?

    So I had MPM_Event installed on a new CL box for a client. It just wasnt performing up to par and it kept having various hiccups. I updated and compiled with MPM_Worker. The performance issues seemed to have been fixed which is wonderful, but left me with more questions.

    Since I went with Worker, I thought that Id play it safe and recompile with a customized CL profile in EasyApache4. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to fix the error "This profile includes the following packages that are not supported on this server: php56-php-debuginfo". I read up on cPanels documentation and see that (if I remember this correctly) only 1 DSO can be installed at a time, and that is why Im seeing that error. I tried to follow their guide on removing, but Im not able to figure it out. I have php5.5, 5.6, 7.0, and 7.1 on that box. I also have lsapi as my php handler, but cgi and suphp is also listed. What do I have to remove in order to build one of the default CL profiles and remove that error?

    When provisioning with a default CL profile, does CL have a preference/recommendation of ZendGuard vs OpCache? If there is a suggested choice, are there any documents that explain the benefits of one over the other with a CL install? Im confident that the answer is out there, but I could only find articles that were mostly pre 2016. For that reason, I didnt feel 100% comfortable reading them and believing that they were 100% accurate today in 2017.

    And I dont want to get too far off topic, but can mod_PageSpeed be included at some point in the builds? I can set it up easily enough, but its one of those mods that Id feel 1000x more comfortable if the team at CL tweaked things up for an auto/included installer. Id feel a million times better that everyone was playing nicely with everyone else (referring to scripts, mods & extensions).

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    I have clarified questions with our developers and here are answers:
    1. We follow same EA4 profiling as cPanel does, overall its standard+mod_hostinglimits+mod_lsapi . If cPanel will add a profile with mpm event then we will provide it also with our package.

    2. The php56-php-debuginfo is really obsolete package, we will remove it from ea-profiles-cpanel package and most probably will release to beta today.

    3. I worry there are no recommendations about opcache and ZendGuard.

    4. Adding mod_pagespeed also depends mostly from cPanel, if they add it - we will follow them and to the same.


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      hah. well allrighty then. maybe i dont feel so silly for asking the question then