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3 questions for alt-php vs ea-php

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  • 3 questions for alt-php vs ea-php

    Hello and good time everyone,

    I am a rookie and there is 3 questions I struggle with for last week with no clear answer so I decided to come here and ask you guys, Please someone explain to me in simple way, I appreciate you.

    1- When I want to use cloudlinux php selector feature, should I have exact ea-php for each alt-php? for example I want my customers only use alt-php 7.3 and alt-php 7.4 then should I enable ea-php 7.3 and ea-php 7.4 respectedly in easy apache4 before go for alt-php 7.3 and alt-php 7.4 (are alt-php dependent on ea-php to work)?

    2- For alt-php extensions, should I enabled these extensions (ioncube, imagick, sourceguardian, ...) before in ea-php so alt-php can use benefit of those extensions I enabled in ea-php or alt-php extensions dont need and not depend on ea-php extensions?

    3- I think mod_lsapi is very good when compare to php-fpm, so should I set php handler of alt-php 7.3 and alt-php 7.4 to lsapi and ea-php 7.3 and ea-php 7.4 to cgi so I can use all power of mod_lsapi? how about set ea-phps php handler to lsapi, is it wrong if I do? Or dont touch php handler at all? I just want mod_lsapi full power for php.

    Thank you for helping a rookie with your kindness,

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    Assuming you are using EA4:

    1. Please see
    2. Correct, you can choose modules for each ea-php version:
    3. Here you can find more information on mod_lsapi: and


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      On a cpanel cloudlinux system, is there any difference between the native ea-php 5.6 and the alt-php 5.6 in terms of backported security fixes by cloudlinux?


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        On cpanel based system with EA4 it is ea-php that should be selected wherever possible. The bugfixes are just the same though.