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PHP Selector: Cannot change "PHP Settings"

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  • PHP Selector: Cannot change "PHP Settings"

    When in PHP Selector, and I click "Show PHP Settings", if I change the value of a setting, clicking either "Apply" or "Save" nothing happens.

    If I then select another setting, the original setting immediately reverts to the original value.

    Have I forgotten something, or is this broken?

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    Were using cPanel and this had started happening in the most recent release as well. Users cannot change it from cPanel we can however still change values using the CLI.


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      Ok, Thanks!

      Its not just me then!!

      I don really want to start doing this for all of my users and can really expect them to learn the CloudLinux instructions, I hope this gets fixed soon!


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        Ive noticed that changing PHP settings in DirectAdmin doesn work well with some custom DirectAdmin Skins. For example when I was using MarinaRS skin I was unable to change the settings but in "Enhanced" skin everything works.


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          I just installed a fresh copy of CloudLinux7 with DirectAdmin and the UI of PHP Selector doesnt seem to work properly.
          Í cant change the default php version whenever I hit save the following error shows up in the dev console:
          index.html?page=selector:1445 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property split of undefined(…)
          Exact same thing happens when I try to update the modules

          So I guess Im stuck with the CLI for easy and fast changes.


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            Baris, suppose lvemanager is old there. Can you plase try updating it to latest stable? Just use:

            yum update lvemanager
            Let me know how it goes after update.