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Public repository to close on June 1st -- Please, make sure you are connected to CLN

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  • Public repository to close on June 1st -- Please, make sure you are connected to CLN

    We are going to close free/public repository on June 1st. You will not be able to get any new package updates from there anymore. Starting on June 1st, only licensed servers will be able to get updates.

    Make sure that ALL your servers are connected to CLN.
    To connect to CLN you need activation key. You can either purchase it at, or get trial 30 days key at (only one per company)
    Or contact

    You will need activation key for each server. Once you have activation key, register your server with CLN:

    If you are a hosting company running multiple servers, you are eligible for discounted pricing:
    The discount is valid until July 1st for hosting companies who buy at least one license before that date. For those companies the discount will be valid for the future purchases as well.
    Please, buy one license & contact -- with your login & URL to your website and we will adjust your future pricing.

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    What would happen to our server post expiration of the Trial License it is running with? Would server keep running without any problem and we just wont be able to get any updates from CLN anymore?? or would our server stop functioning properly..??


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      Once the subscription/trial license runs out -- you will no longer get updates. This is it. Server will continue working, and you can re-subscribe it at any later moment, or you can just switch it back to CentOS if you don feel we are adding enough value


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        we had a trial key for one of our internal server. While trial period was still valid, I just reverted back to centos using migration script itself for testing purpose.Now again I want to migrate to clould linux, but its not allowing me to use same old key (which is still not expired). I am just being too optimistic here... can I not use the same old key while its still valid on same server?



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          Please, contact me via email -- I will send you another one. Those keys are "one time use"...